How to shop for FedEx freight in Canada

There’s a big difference between an express delivery truck and a FedEx truck in Canada.It’s important to know how to shop in both places.If you’re not sure which is right for you, we’ve got you covered.Read more:What are FedEx freight shipments? How do I get FedEx freight delivered to my door? What are my options?

What to expect from the next harbour freight drill

Harbors in New South Wales have been evacuated following a major explosion at a major port in the State’s north-west.Key points:Authorities say there are concerns about the presence of large quantities of chemicals, fuel, and waste at the siteThe port was evacuated to contain the blastEmergency crews are on site and the site has been closed to public access for […]

How to set up a ‘tracker for freight’

A freight tracking company in Alberta has been told it needs to add tracking to its vehicles to keep track of its customers’ freight movements.A freight company called Hercules is trying to raise $10,000 to hire a tracking company to help with its delivery services.The company says it’s not going to give up on its customers, so the company is […]

How to get out of a $25,000 mortgage on a condo

When you’re looking to buy a condo in the Bay Area, it can be tough finding the right financing.But if you’re serious about the deal, there’s a way to get a $1,000 down payment on the home for as little as $25.The deal is called a Harbor Freight Planer, and the online lender, Home Capital, is offering it as a […]

Which is better? American freight forwarding or the H&M Freight Fargo Freight Forwarder?

Posted February 18, 2018 05:02:50 The American freight forwarder is the name for the American freight carrier that transports goods to the American market.There are two major freight forwarders in the United States, the American Association of Freight Handling (AAHF) and the American Freight Association.There is also a third, the National Association of Home Depot and Home Improvement Stores (NADHES).American […]

Why did we leave our ship? A tale of ship’s fate

In a ship that was never meant to sail, the remains of two people who drowned while on a cruise ship are now on display in the National Museum of Natural History.Theodore and Martha Pascarella were the first passengers on the HMS Oceanic, which made her maiden voyage to England from Southampton in 1782.They had just arrived in the U.K. […]

Why I’ve stopped using the Harbour Freight flashlight

Posted April 11, 2018 09:38:58Harbor Freight has finally announced that it will no longer be making the Harbour freight flashlight for Android and iOS.In an update on the Harbour website, Harbour CEO David Gorman announced that the device was being discontinued due to poor performance.The device was released in 2017 and cost $20.Harbor’s move comes on the heels of several […]

Why we need to change the way we do things in the freight industry

As a growing global market for container ships, freight is increasingly the focus of the freight business.But there is an even greater need to rethink how the freight sector is designed and managed.The focus on shipping containers and trucks is a way to increase market share for freight operators and minimize environmental damage.It also has the potential to reduce CO […]

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