Port of Melbourne to cut freight density by 40 per cent from 20,000 vehicles to 15,000 cars as part of ‘urban-only’ strategy

The Port of Victoria has announced a 40 per-cent reduction in vehicle-based freight density for its freight terminal at the Port of Ballarat.The decision, announced by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, will come into effect on February 1.The decision follows a similar move by Victoria in 2015.The changes, announced on Monday, will be phased in from 2019, and […]

How to set up a freight forwarding company

When you need to deliver goods to a warehouse or a warehouse warehouse location but you don’t want to take the time to build a whole freight forwarding business, there are a few options available to you.Here are five of the best: 1.The first option: Amazon Freight Forwarding Now, Amazon is the best option when it comes to freight forwarding.You […]

The ‘hottest ship’ of 2016

The most expensive ship of 2016 is set to leave the port of Oakland and head south to port in the middle of the night.Harbor Freight Camera, the company that runs the Oakland-bound container ship, will be taking over the ship from the Port of Oakland in California.“We have been working with the Port to schedule the port closure for […]

Florida’s Harbors and Freight locations will get a new tracking number under a new settlement

FLORIDA – AUSTIN, Texas (AP) The U.S. Department of Transportation is settling with two Florida harbors that are fighting the federal government over a controversial new tracking system that uses a digital tracking device to identify ships that leave their ports.The settlement will help resolve the lawsuits brought by the Florida Port Authority and the Florida Fishermen’s Association, which sued […]

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