Which freight tracking services have the best prices?

The cost of shipping a package from one point to another has gone up significantly in recent years.That has left many people scratching their heads, especially since many of those goods are destined for home delivery.With the cost of moving goods from one place to another going up, one would think that companies could cut prices.But it turns out that […]

How to find a warehouse job in the South Coast

Escondido-based warehouse broker Kevin Wootton is a part-time salesman, who likes to make quick trips to his local warehouses to stock up on warehouse items like clothes and food.He also likes to help people with their shopping, something he says is the best way to get paid.Wootton says he started as a warehouse agent about four years ago and started […]

American freight hours hit new all-time high on Monday

The U.S. freight hour record has now reached 1:15 p.m.ET, according to the U.N.’s International Maritime Organization.That’s the time it takes a passenger ship to cross the Pacific Ocean from the United States to another country.At the same time, U.K. rail travel has hit a new all time high of 1:29 p.mi., according to U.KSRail.com.The latest data comes after President […]

What you need to know about the new Maritime Commission

The Maritime Commission has been given the go-ahead to begin a new task force to tackle container shipping in the Northern Territory.Key points:The Maritime Commission will set up a new maritime enforcement team in northern Territory, it will include senior federal and state officersThe new taskforce will be charged with protecting the health and safety of cargo and shipping ships […]

Which freight truckers have the best trucks?

Posted September 30, 2018 09:09:23It’s the year 2075 and America is experiencing a massive pandemic.Some of the most recognizable names in the transportation industry have their trucks in short supply.Harbor Freight, the owner of the Harbor Freight Sprayer, announced last week that it is shutting down its trucks for a month.Its fleet of 2,000 trucks will be used to help […]

Why do people pay so much for freight shipping quotes?

Aussie freight finance company, Harbour freight tools has launched an online tool to help buyers compare shipping quotes from multiple carriers.Originally designed for buyers in Australia, the new tool has been rolled out in a handful of countries across the world including the US, UK and China.“The real benefit is when it comes to buying goods and shipping them to […]

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