Pilot Air Freight: The Game is Here!

Pilot Air’s newest title, Pilot Air Air Freights, is now available on Steam for $7.99.The game, developed by Jetpac, promises a more traditional “action” game in the vein of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with some of the most unique gameplay mechanics to date.As the title suggests, the game will follow the same “action/adventure” story line, with a protagonist called […]

How to make your own lights at home

The first thing you need to know about lighting in 2017 is that most of the bulbs you use today are old, inefficient, and often quite dangerous.That’s why you should always buy LED bulbs that are energy-efficient and contain the light that you want.Here are the top five LED bulbs you should be buying right now: 1.Philips LED bulb: You […]

How to avoid a cruise ship freight incident

You might not have thought it possible, but a cruise line’s freight plans may not always be up to scratch.We caught up with the company responsible for shipping all the freight at its two largest shipyards in the US and Canada to see how they’ve managed to keep ships running smoothly.1.The first step is the shipping container.In order to meet […]

Harbors freight companies fight over federal land

The U.S. Coast Guard has filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to block the sale of about $500 million in federal land owned by several major freight companies in Waco, Texas, where thousands of people were evacuated from the city last week amid the worst natural gas leak in decades.The Coast Guard and the Texas Land Office filed the […]

Why the U.S. is losing ground in freight market

The U.K. and Canada have a large U.B.C. port to ship their goods to and from the U and other parts of Europe.Now the U, along with China, is trying to grow its port business by building a new shipyard and port terminal.The new hub in Wilmington, Delaware, will be built by a consortium of shipyards and shipbuilders, which includes […]

How to send the most accurate email ever: the ‘frighteningly accurate’ E-mail Digest

article This week’s New Scientist is on eugenericomics: how do we make eugenic genomics a reality?For the past five years, the New Scientist has been investigating eugenics and eugenics.The article is titled ‘How to send an eugenically-correct email’: how to do it safely, efficiently and in the most effective way possible.The science behind eugenical genetic engineering is in the process […]

How to make your own ‘Harbor Freight Camera’

What do you do when you need to capture a movie for a documentary but can’t get a crane to work?You’re going to need a harbor freight video camera.But first, there’s the story.The Harbor Freight Film Camera, or HFCV, was developed by the University of Southern California to be the “most versatile, affordable, and compact film camera” in its class.That […]

How to use our new tracking service

Now that freight tracking has been introduced into our freight tracking program, it’s time to explore the new features and the benefits it brings to your freight shipping business.1.Track freight shipments through our online freight tracking tool.Once you have tracked your shipment through our tracking tool, you can see how it is being handled and tracked by our freight forwarding […]

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