FedEx freight broker jobs posted in Washington

FedEx Freight brokers are expected to be available on Tuesday, with the company saying they will offer services ranging from shipping freight to delivering packages.FedEx has hired more than 4,000 FedEx Freighter employees to help customers and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.The company said it has been hiring more than 2,300 employees over the last year and has hired […]

When trains have to run through the woods to reach the nearest railroad station

As Amtrak’s trains approach the final destination of the year, they have to stop to run freight trains and wait for the tracks to close.The problem?The tracks are so close they often have to be run through woods.“The trains are going through the forest,” said David Sorensen, who runs a train tracking service in southern Michigan.“They’re coming in, the track […]

Pilot Air freight shipments to Boston begin March 1

As the airline industry continues to struggle, Boston Airlines has begun shipping a significant portion of its cargo to a warehouse in Maine, a company spokesman said Wednesday.Pilot Air is using a facility in Portland, Maine, to hold the bulk of its air cargo.It said in a statement that it is “actively seeking” new shipping arrangements with local shipping companies […]

Harbord Freight Battery is now the new flagship for the company

The last-generation Harbords flagship is finally arriving, and it’s packed with battery technology.The new Harbond battery, as it’s called, uses a super-efficient, lightweight, high-capacity lithium ion battery to deliver electricity to the truck, ship or bus.The company says the new battery has an efficiency of 90 percent.The battery, which Harbons first produced in 2010, is expected to be on sale […]

The Canadian Border is getting a little bigger

The federal government is moving to build a wall along the Canada-U.S. border to keep out immigrants from Mexico and make it more difficult for people to sneak across.The federal government will ask a federal court to grant a preliminary injunction that would stop the construction of the wall until it can meet the legal requirements of the U.S.-Mexico border.The […]

Which state is best for cargo shipments?

The states with the most cargo deals are also among the states with lowest per capita GDP, according to a new analysis of the U.S. Census Bureau data.The data, released Friday, showed that only two states — Texas and Louisiana — had lower per capita gross domestic product than New York and California, while Massachusetts was the worst in terms […]

How to get a shipping container from California to the coast of Maine with a freight definition generator

What you need to know about: Shipping containers are built like this: the ship is built in a way that can hold up to 6,500 people, but it can be expanded with additional cargo.These are the containers that carry freight.In Maine, you can ship up to 1.5 million pounds of cargo per day.But shipping containers aren’t built for every shipment, […]

When to ship surplus freight, freight cart or truck

When you’re trying to get goods to a customer in your area, you want to keep the shipping costs down.That means buying bargains, like a cart, truck or freight grifter, which can be a big savings.Here are a few tips to help you figure out what you can and can’t get.What’s a surplus freight cart?The term surplus freight refers to […]

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