What you need to know about the new Maritime Commission

What you need to know about the new Maritime Commission

The Maritime Commission has been given the go-ahead to begin a new task force to tackle container shipping in the Northern Territory.

Key points:The Maritime Commission will set up a new maritime enforcement team in northern Territory, it will include senior federal and state officersThe new taskforce will be charged with protecting the health and safety of cargo and shipping ships in the NTThe new maritime taskforce is expected to be operational within two monthsThe Maritime Minister, Andrew Robb, confirmed the move to the NT News today.

“The Maritime Commissioner has today confirmed to the Northern Territorians that the Maritime Commission’s new maritime investigation and enforcement team will be established in the next 24 hours to provide maritime safety enforcement across the Territory,” Mr Robb said in a statement.

“This new task is to be led by a senior federal departmental officer.”‘

We’re not the only ones’: NT PMThe Maritime commission is set to be responsible for policing the nation’s shipping routes and the Northern Territories will be given the authority to prosecute companies and individuals who breach safety and environmental standards.

Mr Robb said the new maritime force would have the “legal and regulatory powers to enforce the provisions of the NT Environmental Protection Act, the NT Transport Act, NT Rail Act, and the NT Customs Act”.

“The maritime enforcement role will not be restricted to container ships and there will be no role for federal police, and I can assure the Northern Government that this new maritime team will have the full powers of the Australian Federal Police to enforce environmental and safety standards,” he said.

“It will also have the power to conduct maritime patrols and search and rescue operations in the territorial waters and coastal waters of the Northern Australian Territory.”

Importantly, the maritime enforcement will be undertaken in a professional and ethical manner.

“The Maritime Department’s assistant chief executive, Nick McConaghy, said the maritime task force would be a “bigger and better deal for Northern Territory businesses”.”

Northern Territory businesses will be able to focus on their shipping operations while in Australia, and we will continue to invest in infrastructure to protect the environment and ensure our shipping and cargo operations remain safe and sustainable,” Mr McConachey said.

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