How much is an ‘excess’ freight tariff?

How much is an ‘excess’ freight tariff?

A freight tariff is a charge that is applied to a customer’s carriage to ensure that it can carry a particular freight load or package.

This includes the amount that will be paid by the customer for a parcel of goods or service.

A passenger can be charged extra for a train ride or extra for an express service, for example.

A freight surcharge is charged by some freight carriers on their customers’ bills.

The freight surcharges can vary by region.

Some freight carriers offer freight surtaxes, which are charges to passengers that are applied to their charges for the freight carriage.

For example, a passenger will pay a surcharge if they are charged a surtax on their first-class ticket or for the train journey.

If the surcharge exceeds the actual cost of the freight, the passenger will be entitled to a refund.

A rail freight tariff may be applied to freight, or it may be paid in advance.

You can find out more about the rail freight tariffs by contacting the company’s Customer Care team on 1800 439 439.

Some countries have tariff rates that apply to the goods being transported by rail, while other countries don’t.

This means that a rail freight rate may not apply to goods transported by road, or may only apply to freight that is shipped directly from one country to another.

For more information on rail freight, see our page on rail tariff rates.

You may be charged a freight surpayment if you have travelled by train, but you can also be charged an excess freight surcharging tariff if you travel by air.

You will need to contact the company that you purchased your freight from to find out what your tariff applies to.

For information on freight surpluses and excess surplussions, see freight surpis.

If you’re unsure about whether a tariff applies, you can contact your local Transport for NSW on 1300 876 896.

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