Uber drivers can get an extra $100 for a ride if they have a ride with uber, says company

Uber drivers can get an extra $100 for a ride if they have a ride with uber, says company

A new service called uber freight lets you buy a ride from a company and then get the ride for free with your Uber account.

Uber has been rolling out the service, but it’s been mostly limited to select cities. 

It also has a few caveats, including the requirement that you pay the full fare, so you won’t get paid back if you cancel the ride. 

Uber is working on a few new features to make the service more palatable for riders.

One is a “ride share” feature, which lets you share rides with others using the app.

You’ll still have to pay the ride share fee if you’re going solo, but Uber says you’ll also get $100 in cash back if someone shares your ride.

The app is also allowing you to use the app to find other drivers in the same area.

You can also book an Uber pickup to pick you up, which means you’ll be able to drive the same route that someone else did.

Another new feature is the ability to book Uber pickups and dropoffs for groups of 10 or more people.

You could then book up to five of those pickups and have your Uber car pick them up and drop you off.

You’re only charged for the ride you choose to get.

You’d need to pay a fee for that, of course, but at least you’d get to share in the fun.

Uber will charge a $10 fee per ride for group pickups.

Finally, Uber is also adding a “Uber Mobile” app that will let you order rides from a friend or a trusted person on the app, with the option of adding additional riders.

This means that you can pick up people who don’t have Uber accounts, and use them to take people home to you.

Uber isn’t making a ton of money on the service right now, but the company said it’s aiming to make a lot more money if people take advantage of it.

It’s important to note that Uber has a lot of partners that make the trips it does, and if it continues to expand, the company could be paying out more money.

Uber’s other app, UberPop, is already making a lot money from this service, too.

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