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What you need to know about American freight jobs

What you need to know about American freight jobs

Ports in the U.S. have been hiring at a record pace.

But many Americans aren’t feeling the job gains.

The economy added just 222,000 jobs in January, according to the Labor Department.

But that’s down from a record 1.6 million in December, and a record 738,000 in November.

And according to a report released Friday by the Economic Policy Institute, American freight workers aren’t seeing any significant gains.

That’s why the AFL-CIO, a labor union that represents more than 12 million Americans, has pushed to expand the list of jobs that can be filled by shipping container ships, which are now used for more than half of all U.s. cargo.

In January, the AFL and other labor groups helped pass a bill that would require U. s ports to provide workers with training in the logistics of shipping containers.

The bill also requires U. ships to pay their own freight and delivery costs and requires Us ports to hire new workers for any job that’s not done by the federal government.

The AFL-CCIO is pushing for the bill to be included in a 2018 budget proposal, but that has been blocked by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The group has also been pushing to expand apprenticeships and apprenticeships that offer a competitive wage for apprenticeship workers.

A recent survey of 2,000 American freight and shipworkers by the National Association of Port and Marine Workers found that just under a quarter of respondents were employed in the trucking and other shipping industry.

The union says the data indicates that U. states are moving away from their traditional approach to workforce development.

For example, truckers are now getting more education on safety, including training on self-defense and a comprehensive training program.

And now, they have to learn how to make it to the ship, which is why we need to be prepared to have people who are going to work on this ship,” said Jeff Ruch, vice president of policy and strategy at the AFL.

Ruch said the bill has the potential to create tens of thousands of new jobs in the next decade.

The bill passed the House in June, and has now passed the Senate.

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