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Feds arrest more than 20 people for conspiring to smuggle goods into U.S. from Mexico

Feds arrest more than 20 people for conspiring to smuggle goods into U.S. from Mexico

Feds arrested more than 30 people and seized goods from a trucking company this week for conspiring with an international cartel to transport more than $8 million worth of goods from Mexico to the U.N. refugee agency in New York.

The U.K.-based company, Lidl, which is headquartered in Birmingham, England, was accused of shipping goods to the United Nations from ports in Mexico, Canada and the U-K.

in the early 2000s.

Lidle, which also has operations in the United States, said in a statement it “is committed to helping the United Kingdom’s international community in the fight against trafficking in persons and the global supply chain.”

The U-S.

government says the case is the first in which the Justice Department has indicted a U.B.C.-based foreign corporation for aiding the smuggling of goods into the U:Lidl was the subject of an investigation by the UB.

A.A., which investigates crimes against humanity.

The Justice Department said it was investigating whether Lidles conduct was illegal under U. S. law, and if so, whether it had violated U. B.C. or U. A.A.’s export control laws.

The case is expected to be heard by U.D. Magistrate Judge David B. Johnson in federal court in Birmingham.

Lids criminal history is also extensive, including convictions for transporting stolen goods, money laundering and other crimes.

The Justice Department also alleges that Lidll knowingly used its position to assist cartels in laundering billions of dollars and using it to funnel billions of U. s. dollars to drug cartels in the Middle East and Central America.

Liddl, founded in the U.-K., has denied the allegations.

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