Aussie truckers ‘wanted to do a job for us’

In a bid to boost productivity, trucking companies have been hiring more Australian drivers in a bid for more work, according to the Federal Government.The boom in trucking has been spurred by the Federal government’s announcement last week that it would increase the number of foreign workers to about 40,000 by 2021.While the increase in the number is well below […]

Which ports have the most ports for container ships?

Lubbock has a lot of containers, but its port of origin is not one of the busiest.According to a new report by The Irish Time, the city has just 10 container ports and its ports have only 4,000 containers, a fraction of the overall amount of container ships coming in.Cork, however, has more ports than the city of Dublin.The report […]

How much is an ‘excess’ freight tariff?

A freight tariff is a charge that is applied to a customer’s carriage to ensure that it can carry a particular freight load or package.This includes the amount that will be paid by the customer for a parcel of goods or service.A passenger can be charged extra for a train ride or extra for an express service, for example.A freight […]

When to ship surplus freight, freight cart or truck

When you’re trying to get goods to a customer in your area, you want to keep the shipping costs down.That means buying bargains, like a cart, truck or freight grifter, which can be a big savings.Here are a few tips to help you figure out what you can and can’t get.What’s a surplus freight cart?The term surplus freight refers to […]

How to make an Indian cargo ship more productive

The world’s largest ship-building company is developing a new technology that could make a ship-builder’s work life easier and increase its profits.India-based Shipbuilders’ Industries (SSI) is developing the ‘Door-to-Door’ (DTD) process, which would allow shipyard staff to work more efficiently from a remote location.The idea is to provide a more efficient, stress-free and cost-effective way of working on ships.The process […]

What you need to know about American freight jobs

Ports in the U.S. have been hiring at a record pace.But many Americans aren’t feeling the job gains.The economy added just 222,000 jobs in January, according to the Labor Department.But that’s down from a record 1.6 million in December, and a record 738,000 in November.And according to a report released Friday by the Economic Policy Institute, American freight workers aren’t […]

CAA execs dismiss ‘outrageous’ allegations about D.C. harbor freight, freight cdr

CAA, the world’s biggest travel agency, said Tuesday that it has “no further comment” on allegations that it paid more than $100,000 for cargo services to haul freight from New York City to Los Angeles via the Port of Los Angeles International Airport.The agency’s board of directors on Tuesday approved the $1.5 million payment to a Florida-based company called Cargo […]

Pilot freight tracking lost due to lightning strike

A pilot freight tracking company in Germany has been hit by lightning.The company, Gertl, said in a statement that it was experiencing some difficulties in its tracking systems, and that the company had lost contact with its operators.Gertl’s CEO, Jens-Uwe Bäcker, said the company is “confident” the tracking system is back up and running.“The information has been transferred to our […]

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