How to make your own ‘Harbor Freight Camera’

What do you do when you need to capture a movie for a documentary but can’t get a crane to work?You’re going to need a harbor freight video camera.But first, there’s the story.The Harbor Freight Film Camera, or HFCV, was developed by the University of Southern California to be the “most versatile, affordable, and compact film camera” in its class.That […]

How to use our new tracking service

Now that freight tracking has been introduced into our freight tracking program, it’s time to explore the new features and the benefits it brings to your freight shipping business.1.Track freight shipments through our online freight tracking tool.Once you have tracked your shipment through our tracking tool, you can see how it is being handled and tracked by our freight forwarding […]

Which is the fastest freight elevator on the West Coast?

The West Coast’s largest freight elevator company, Harbor Freight, recently told Recode it is using a faster, higher-capacity elevator that will start shipping freight by the end of the year.The new elevator, dubbed the Sander, will also carry more freight, but it will have a lower capacity of 3,000 tons.The company said it has spent about $2 billion to upgrade […]

We’ve got jobs in the harbor, but how many are there?

As of December 6, 2018, there were 1,053 jobs in operation in the Harbor Freight and Salvage division.This number is significantly lower than the 3,200 positions in operation as of December 3, 2018.The average monthly wage in Harbor Freights and Salvages is $10,715.The average monthly salary is $24,921.This figure includes both hourly and commission pay.According to a 2017 report by […]

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