How to send the most accurate email ever: the ‘frighteningly accurate’ E-mail Digest

article This week’s New Scientist is on eugenericomics: how do we make eugenic genomics a reality?For the past five years, the New Scientist has been investigating eugenics and eugenics.The article is titled ‘How to send an eugenically-correct email’: how to do it safely, efficiently and in the most effective way possible.The science behind eugenical genetic engineering is in the process […]

‘Shameless’ star Adam Levine says ‘I’m going to be the next David Letterman’ in new promo

Adam Levine has a new video for the song “Shameless.”The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter will open the video for “Shake Me Like a Hurricane” by David Lettermans classic, “All the Good Times.”Levine will perform “Shame” at the Grammy Awards on Jan. 31, 2019.In the video, Levine will tell the story of how he met Letterman, a fellow musician, and how […]

Truck owner dies after falling off trailer

A truck driver died after falling from his trailer while picking up freight on a busy highway in southern Ontario, authorities said Wednesday.A spokesman for the Transportation Safety Board said the accident happened Tuesday afternoon when the operator of the trailer, who was not named, fell and fell on the truck’s front end.The truck was traveling at 65 km/h (40 […]

Why do Indians love freight tools?

Why do I love freight tool?I was born and raised in the States and it’s a big part of my life.As a child, I used to go out and buy some tools and pick them up and sell them.I remember my mother, who used to pick up the boxes at the local market and then drop them into a box […]

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