Why did we leave our ship? A tale of ship’s fate

Why did we leave our ship? A tale of ship’s fate

In a ship that was never meant to sail, the remains of two people who drowned while on a cruise ship are now on display in the National Museum of Natural History.

Theodore and Martha Pascarella were the first passengers on the HMS Oceanic, which made her maiden voyage to England from Southampton in 1782.

They had just arrived in the U.K. and were on a voyage to Cape Town, South Africa.

When the ship arrived in England, a number of sailors were detained on suspicion of theft.

After a night at the harbor, the couple was finally allowed to board.

When they got on the ship, the sailors put them in the “savage cab” which made it extremely cold and wet.

In the cabin, Martha Piscarella noticed that the floor was wet and it was obvious the crew was not well-fed.

The Pascareles were found dead at their berth on October 25, 1782, and they were declared dead by coronavirus.

The couple’s remains were buried in the harbor.

When a new ship was built in Southampton in 1816, the Pascares’ remains were not moved, as the crew of the ship had already been moved to a new vessel.

The new ship, named HMS Oceanus, carried the Piscareles’ remains.

The museum was able to purchase the remains from the local council, and then donated them to the National Maritime Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The family had a private viewing of the remains on Saturday, where they said they were overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who donated the remains.

“They are incredibly important and I think we can all learn from them,” Martha Pescarella told the BBC.

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