When the ferry docks: A guide to the new Harbor Freight terminal

When the ferry docks: A guide to the new Harbor Freight terminal

Harbor Freights is building a new terminal on the Spokane Riverfront, and it’s not the first time a new facility has been built on the riverfront.

Here’s a look at some of the history of the project and what’s in store for the future.

The new terminal, which will be open in the spring of 2019, is expected to be one of the largest single-site waterfront facilities in the country.

As the city’s largest freight port, it’ll offer more than 1,000 jobs and provide a large amount of commercial activity along the river, including a new light rail station, a new hotel, restaurants and shops.

The project also promises to be an economic boon to the region and will likely attract additional international freight shipping.

A project of such size is rare, but the port is also one of only three in the nation that currently serves both domestic and international shipments.

Harbor Freighters has been working on the project for years, and the project has received mixed reviews.

“This is a big deal, but I’m not sure it’s a very sustainable development,” said Steve Pohl, vice president of the Port of Spokane.

“It’s an opportunity to have a massive, multi-billion-dollar project come to fruition and it also has the potential to be a huge economic boon.”

Pohl said that as part of the port’s plan, Harbor Freiers will invest in a transportation network that will allow the port to provide an easy and convenient transfer for freight from Seattle to Tacoma, bringing a new wave of international cargo to the port.

“What you’re going to see is more of a flow of freight to Tacoma than it is to Seattle,” he said.

Pohl added that the project could help Tacoma’s economy as well.

“That’s not just Tacoma’s future,” he explained.

“Our future is going to be in Tacoma.”

A new freight terminal on a former military base will help bring more international freight to the Puget Sound region.

(Photo: Peter Gerety/Special to the Press-Citizen) “It will give us the ability to move more of our freight out of the Tacoma area,” he added.

The airport has been considering a new freight rail line since the airport’s proposed plan to build a light rail line was scuttled by opposition from local businesses and residents.

The city, however, has been looking for ways to help create more jobs, particularly in the area of aviation.

As part of that plan, a major project to build the airport terminal is expected by the end of this year.

The terminal will be built on a retired military base at the airport.

The former Navy base was built in the early 1980s and was renamed the Boeing Field.

The facility was built with the goal of providing a new, modern airport that would have a connection to Seattle International Airport and the Westgate shopping center.

As of the beginning of this fall, the airport is still under construction.

The Airport Authority of Washington, which manages the airport, is currently working on a $60 million bond issue to build an airport terminal, and is also expected to propose a new airport terminal by the summer of 2019.

Pahl said the airport project is part of a larger plan for the region to become more connected to the world, and that the terminal will serve as a key component in this effort.

“When you have a new port on the waterfront, it’s very easy to imagine how that can create new jobs and opportunities in the region,” he stated.

“I think it’s important for the people of the region, and especially the workers, that the airport stays here.”

The project could be the catalyst for a new connection between the Pugelands and the world.

A new ferry terminal could provide a new link to Tacoma and help bring in a new surge of international freight.

(Image: Peter Garofalo/Special for the Press – Citizen) “There’s a lot of interest in our region right now,” Pohl concluded.

“We have a lot to offer and this is a great opportunity to bring that into our community.”

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