Pilot freight renos are a great way to get a job at the airport

The airport of Orlando, Florida, is a major hub for international air cargo transportation, and a recent report found that its cargo terminals are among the busiest in the United States.The report noted that it is “particularly important to have a reliable and efficient pilot freight reclamation facility” because of its proximity to the busiest international airports in the country.The […]

Amazon to recall 1.5 million of its freight shipments due to an “abnormal increase in the number of cargo containers.”

harbors cargo,cargo services,harbour freight,amazon source Recodes title Amazon will recall 1 million of 1.1 million shipments due the “abnormally increased number of container shipments.” article Amazon freight, Amazon shipping,harbors,amazon cargo source Recoding title Amazon freight will be recalled due to abnormal increase in container shipments.article Amazon, Amazon freight service,Amazon shipping,Harbor freight service recall source ABC News title Amazon, shipping, Amazon […]

Port of Melbourne to cut freight density by 40 per cent from 20,000 vehicles to 15,000 cars as part of ‘urban-only’ strategy

The Port of Victoria has announced a 40 per-cent reduction in vehicle-based freight density for its freight terminal at the Port of Ballarat.The decision, announced by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, will come into effect on February 1.The decision follows a similar move by Victoria in 2015.The changes, announced on Monday, will be phased in from 2019, and […]

How to save on fuel with a new ferry deal

You’re going to want to make sure you have the right ferry.And that’s because if you buy an overseas ferry from another country, you’re going be saving about 25% on your fuel bill.So why not try an overseas service, like the US-based Ltl Freight.It offers a raft of services, including international cargo shipping, to a few different countries, including the […]

Pilot Air Freight: The Game is Here!

Pilot Air’s newest title, Pilot Air Air Freights, is now available on Steam for $7.99.The game, developed by Jetpac, promises a more traditional “action” game in the vein of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, with some of the most unique gameplay mechanics to date.As the title suggests, the game will follow the same “action/adventure” story line, with a protagonist called […]

How to shop for FedEx freight in Canada

There’s a big difference between an express delivery truck and a FedEx truck in Canada.It’s important to know how to shop in both places.If you’re not sure which is right for you, we’ve got you covered.Read more:What are FedEx freight shipments? How do I get FedEx freight delivered to my door? What are my options?

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